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Arizona Athletics Capital Campaign
Current Projects

The Arizona Athletics Capital Campaign is a multi-facility project that supports all 22 sports programs and 500 student-athletes. The campaign includes renovations to four current Arizona Athletics facilities in addition to the construction of the new Cole and Jeannie Davis Sports Center.

Be a Part of the Transformation


"These five projects will address some long-standing needs, and at the same time, will improve the experience for virtually all of our student-athletes. I want to thank everyone involved in helping this come to fruition, as I know it's been a long time coming. This is just the start of what we hope will be a transformational period for our facilities, but we'll need the continued support of our fans and donors to address the remainder of our needs moving forward."

Vice President and Director of Athletics, Dave Heeke


William M. "Bill" Clements Golf Center

Project Includes:
  • Clubhouse for both Men's and Women's Golf programs
  • Locker rooms, coaches offices, and lounge area
  • Short game and driving range area
  • Laser-guided putting green
  • Hitting bays utilizing radar technology
  • Physio room for flexibility and core function training

Hi Corbett Baseball Clubhouse

Project Includes:
  • Upgraded treatment room and arm-care room
  • Modernized player's lounge and kitchen
  • Entry ways for players and recruits
  • Improved equipment room and laundry setup
  • Baseball Hall of Champions

Lanelle Robson Tennis Facility

Project Includes:
  • Updated court infrastructure
  • Resurfacing of courts
  • Improved drainage system
  • Building refresh

Why Invest In Facilities?


Improving our facilities allows us to recruit elite-level athletes, coaches and staff in a highly competitive intercollegiate athletics field.

Student-Athlete Experience

Investing in our facilities helps elevate our student-athlete experience by providing them with championship-level locker rooms, first-class academic services and state-of-the-art training facilities.

Fan Experience

Maximizing the fan experience is key to making sure our seats are always full. This atmosphere helps cultivate school spirit for our fans and for our student-athletes as they compete to a packed house.


Enhancing our facilities helps ensure a top-rate fan experience and in turn helps to maintain our season ticket renewal rate and attract new season ticket holders. This is critical to supporting our 20 sports programs.

A Critically Important Strategy For Arizona Athletics

The capital campaign is essential for building new and renovating current facilities, while supporting our ability to upgrade and properly maintain current facilities with the goal of remaining competitive in our conference and nationally.

While some athletics departments spend lavishly on overdone facilities, our goal is to provide student-athletes with the amenities they need to maximize their potential, while remaining fiscally responsible in the process.

Strategically, we have been forward thinking in order to make significant down payments, while borrowing at historically low interest rates, which has allowed us to complete projects in a timely fashion.

Think of debt service the way you would a mortgage. Building and renovating facilities is done in much the same fashion.

In order to ensure the fiscal responsibility we require, we are shrewd when venturing into projects that require debt service in order to maximize the resources we have, while minimizing the amount of debt we must service.

Support The Campaign


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Be a Part of the Transformation