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Arizona Athletics Capital Campaign
Completed Projects

The Arizona Athletics Capital Campaign is a multi-facility project that supports all 21 sports programs and 500 student-athletes. Since 2010 the Wildcat Club, through the generosity of our donors, has supported the enhancement of multiple facilities and projects.

Arizona Stadium
Lowell-Stevens Football Facility

Completed 2013
  • Construction of the Lowell-Stevens Football Facility to house Arizona Football team locker rooms, coaches offices, team meeting rooms, weight rooms, athletic training & conditioning facilities, nutrition centers, and the Bear Down Kitchen dining facility
  • Opening of new premium seating options, including premium club seating, club boxes, and the Sands Club
  • Installation of a large video board
  • New field turf
  • New ADA ramp and ADS seating
  • Installation of chair backs to the lower east side stadium seats
  • Construction of Bear Down Field

Ginny L. Clements Academic Center

Completed 2016
  • New building construction along Enke Drive to house C.A.T.S. Academics & C.A.T.S. Life Skills programs
  • Building included new tutoring rooms, study areas and computer lab
  • Home for sports psychology access for student-athletes

Lapan Family Center

Completed 2016
  • Renovation of the new locker room, clubhouse and lounge areas
  • Installation of new batting cages with LED lighting and a new video board

Drachman Stadium

Completed 2016
  • Installation of new high jump run up surface and new Beynon jump runways at the home of Arizona Track & Field
  • Installation of new videoboard

Murphey Field at Mulcahy Stadium

Completed 2011
  • Removed old lighting and installed new energy efficient lighting system
  • Installation of new scoreboard and a new field house

McKale Center Upgrades

Completed 2014
  • Cole and Jeannie Davis Men's Basketball Complex with upgraded locker rooms, new weight room flooring and turf.
  • New video board and enhancements to the north and south end LED scoreboards
  • Upgraded seating, concessions, restrooms, and other amenities

Richard Jefferson Gymnasium

Completed 2008
  • Addition of the Cole and Jeannie Davis Strength and Conditioning Center
  • Installation of new wall graphics and new weight room flooring

Hi Corbett Field

Completed 2017
  • Addition of the Terry Francona Hitting Center
  • Retrofit of the clubhouse to include new branding and graphics
  • Installation of new backstop netting and a new video board

Bear Down Beach

Completed 2014
  • New home for Arizona Beach Volleyball on the site of the former football practice field
  • 5 new sand courts

LaNelle Robson Tennis Center

Completed 2016
  • Resurfaced the court and installed new sub-surface drainage
  • Installation of new court scoreboards and main scoreboard
  • Renovations to the team room with new furniture and branding